Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Alexia 2015 in Tan Skin for Classic and Maitreya's Mesh Body Lara

 I LOVE this mesh body from Maitreya ! no more hands, feet, bum or boobs to add or match - its all there in one beautifully done body - the shape is modify, FANTASTIC shoulders, simple hud, ability to wear system clothing and I get to paint the body in a way ive always wanted to match the detail and feeling that i have been able to on my faces. Thank you Maitreya !

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Victoria went mesh - with the best

 Maitreya released thier mesh body Lara, its beautiful and comes with very user friendly huds. The body is 'fitted' mesh so that means it fits over the regular shape you are wearing like a glove, smoothing out all the rough edges. It also can be modified with the same sliders you would normally use to tweek your shape.
As a huge plus Lara comes with hands and feet that can be worn with or without the body, so you will get a perfect skin match with no more added parts.
On a personal note..I'm an art snob, the worst I know..  call it snobby if you must.. but I know quality and creativity..  Its the best out and thier quality is excellent.
Sooo..all that said, I thank them for thier excellent and beautiful work and allowing us to create skins to add to it - we have put out the Victoria Skin appliers for thier Lara body,  a 'starter' package with the Pulse skin hud (for changing to skin on the body) and the Victoria full skins in #1 makeup, which can be demo'ed at Pulse, you can wear these with or without the Lara body. We included our Pulse shape #3 (modify) and the eyebrow color in brown (tintable), and a brow shape ( modify).
Thanks to all - and hope you loveee her, take her home and make her into YOUR creation !!!!