Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kissed Skin Release

Theres 12 makeups ranging from sweet to diva..freckles and cleavage options included in each.

Hair is Angie from Emo-tions (soon to be released)
Earrings are from VOX (soon to open and be released)
Skin..Pulse-Kissed/Pose Me

Pulse Skin..Pulse Clothes

Our newest Palazzio pat set and one of the new Kissed skins
Another new outfit - Cannes, and the new Alexia skin in bronze
Alexia/Bronze skin in the Romance Palazzio Pant set

Pulse Skin-Eyes-Shapes and other things!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ready for warm nights and sunny days? 4 tones with 8 makeups, cleavage options and freckles..or not.


The dress is so pretty that it doesn't even need a fancy name...."Blue Dress by: LF" is now released in the store..."Psssst, do you see the feet in the pic?...Yea, those are by Lorac too, they have a very natural shape and come with a HUD that has Pulse skin tones already pre-set (excluding the newest releases & FYI the sculpted bare feet are only 300L!! Talk about a steal =D)...come on over and check these gems out for yourself ^.^

*Skin worn in the picture is the newest skin release "Alexia" in skin tone Fawn, makeup 2