Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mid Winter, another Pic

ok, Mirja (EMO-tions Hair) will most likely never send me anything she's working on again for posting it here before she's finished with it - but I couldn't resist - look at this hair!!! I'm in love with it. She says it will be out soon for guys and girls. This is Mid Winter Skin in a tweeked version of Altonia's Wheat shape.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter, available 3 skin tones

A new Pulse blog.. I'm really not that great at writing..especially about my own work so I'll mostly just be posting pictures of our avatar skins available on the InWorldz and Second Life grids.
ok, so... Winter skin is one of my newest and fave.. quite striking and a bit more mature looking in this picture with just a simple hair tatt. The skin is actually pretty versatile with longer hair she can be quite soft and romantic looking - btw - all 3 tones photograph great. besides adding a border the only retouching was to brighten the pic just a tad.

Skin-Pulse Skin Mid Winter/Dreaming

Shape-Winter by Altonia (all Altonia's shapes are modify to allow a for a more unique look)

Eyes- Pulse..I just don't remember which ones...theres only about 200 out... I think they are from the Trinity series

Hair - EMO-tions - Mirja Mills is the creator, the first time I walked my avi into her store..I was in hair heaven. As with skin and clothing..if photos or brush textures are just..pasted up... it just does not have that...'human' feel - even if its a cat or dragon..Mirja's achieved this with her hair - it just has that perfect mix of realism and fantasy that works so well for 3d world avatars.
3am..I'll ramble on for pages if I don't stop now.
Lorac Farella
Pulse Skin